Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've been tagged (seven)

I was tagged by my good friend "Mama Boss"!! So I guess that I get to share seven things about myself!! I am not so good at tagging other people so if you read this consider yourself tagged!! I would love to know more about you!! Ok, so here we go!

1~ I am the mother of two crazy boys who have more energy than I will ever have!! Between the two of them they can think of the craziest thing to do and get into. It does make life interesting and will probably just become more so as they grow older, cause they will just get more creative with the things they do.

2~ I love to sing!! I haven't been in a choir in a long time and miss it so much! I wish that there was someway for me to sing more often!

3~ I like making crafts! Although I go in spurts of doing a lot of things then not doing anything for the longest time

4~ I love to read! Although I don't have anything to read so if you have any good ideas for me please share!!

5~ I never realized that the thing I would miss most about going to work would be the adult interaction. Sometimes I just yearn to talk to someone older than 3 years old!!

6~ I hate wall paper!! The house that we bought has wall paper in every room!! We have painted a few rooms but it is a slow process! I should get mad at my kids for pealing it off the walls because we aren't ready to paint the room but I am secretly glad to see it go!

7~ I am lucky to have a husband who works very hard to provide for our family allowing me to stay home with the kids!! I love you Tyler!!

Ps Sorry it took me so long Crissy!! But here it is!

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